A leading producer and supplier of high-quality oil and ghee. Our state-of-the-art mill is dedicated to producing a wide range of oil and ghee products, catering to the diverse needs of our customers. With a strong commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction, we strive to deliver the best products and services to our valued clients.

Ghazni was established in the year 2023-2024 with the corporate name of “Qadri Noori Enterprises”. The foundation stone was laid by the Excellency of Mr. Manzar Alam.

In 2023, the current management took over the Company carried the same vision forward of delivering the best quality of edible oil in a fairly new developing market in Pakistan.

The Ghee Unit Batch refinery was established and started manufacturing different brands of Ghee and Cooking Oil, which include Ghazni Cooking Oil, Ghazni Banaspati, Mehak, Pure Delight, New Gul Banu, Meezani Sultani, Amna  Banaspati and Cooking Oil, etc.

Our production capacity includes:

– Oil: 4,000 tons per Month

– Ghee: 3,000 tons per Month

Our refinery is equipped with advanced technology and a skilled workforce, ensuring superior quality products that meet stringent food safety standards. We take pride in catering to the growing demand for healthy and pure edible oils and ghee, while maintaining a strong commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility.

Over the last year,Ghazni has proven to be admired across Pakistan due to its wide variety of products, constant innovation, highly attractive packaging formats, suitable prices for every consumer segment.